About the Artist

Cole D. Gross is an artist, writer, and research scientist. He spends most of his time hopelessly lost in deep thought, and therefore greatly enjoys the whimsy of sleep, which he affords himself far too infrequently. The idea for Log TransformationsTM came by chance (as the best things often do) when he noticed a discarded piece of scrap wood. Partial to metaphors and intense philosophical concepts most people would rather jump out of a fast moving car than entertain, Cole saw in the wood a reflection of the things we throw away in our inability to recognize their beauty. It was with this thought that he fished the humble scrap of wood out of the trash and went to work bringing out its natural beauty with a child’s set of colored pencils that just happened to be lying around. Subsequently, after escaping the mundane pressures of daily life with a trip to the nearest body of water, where he contemplated small and large infinities while skipping stones, the idea for the Relaxing Ripples series was born. As therapeutic to create as they are to view and experience, Cole hopes to bring a little bit of the natural world into homes and hearts with his handmade wood art. He currently resides north of the wall (i.e., Canada), and when he’s not drawing, writing, sciencing, or lost in a train of endless thought, you can probably find him sleeping.

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