About the Art

Each Log TransformationsTM wood piece is hand-selected and the unique character and beauty of the wood grain and knots are brought to life with colored pencils.

quiet day

The Relaxing Ripples series is art that brings the feel and calm of days by the lake or river, skipping stones or watching leaves fall and ripple the water, into your home.

Log Transformations wood art pieces are colored with high quality colored pencils and carefully shaded and blended to provide a soothing and beautiful piece of artwork. Each piece takes the artist around 20+ hours to complete.

Please feel free to use the comment section or the contact page to inquire about the artwork.

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All Log TransformationsTM wood art is from natural wood and colored by hand. Wood is coated in an acrylic gloss finish to prevent fading and smearing of the colored pencil and to protect against moisture. When included, rocks and leaves are also natural and hand-selected. Leaves are fully coated in a clear finish to prevent decomposition and cracking. Rocks are coated in a gloss finish to give the appearance of wetness and provide greater contrast.

*All prices in CAD.